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Jeff Herring has deep roots in the community, and has long been dedicated to serving it. Among his many commitments, he has been very active with several political organizations in the Irmo and Chapin Area. Jeff Herring has always been a mover and a shaker; from a young age, he was always at the forefront of any decisions that needed to be made. To learn more about Jeff Herring and his goals and beliefs, explore the site, and if you have any questions please get in touch.

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On October 12, 2021

I have been asked a lot lately about experience and what makes me a good candidate so I thought I would answer those questions here.

  1. I am a Dad of a D5 student. My Most Important job ever.

  2.  I and 6 members of my family are products of D5 schools. I grew up in Friarsgate and Coldstream subdivisions.

  3. I have been involved in the schools such as serving on SIC committees or PTOs or attending board meetings

  4. I have a degree from the University of South Carolina in Economics and I was a Student Teacher while at Carolina.

  5. With the current situation, I am blessed to have 3 teachers in my family who I can go to with questions and to get feedback. Listening to teachers as they are front line in the classrooms is important

  6. Safety and Health issues are also a major concern. Stephanie, my wife of 27 years and I are lucky that we have several family members who are or were in the medical field. My mom is a retired nurse, cousin's wife is a nurse practitioner, Stephanie's aunt is a nurse and my and Stephanie's grandfathers were both doctors.

  7. I am a Taxpayer who is very concerned about how this district is spending money. I worked in banking for many years and I understand how to read financial documents such as balance sheets, etc.

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Kenneth B Vinson

My name is Kenneth Vinson and I endorse Jeff Herring for Richland/Lexington 5 School Board. I have the utmost confidence in Jeff's ability to serve the parents and students in District 5. Jeff has deep roots in the community along with the skills to be an effective servant of the for Richland/Lexington 5 School Board. Please cast your vote for Jeff Herring.

Kenneth B. Vinson


Please take a moment to see my stance on key issues concerning District Five.


Over the past several years, District Five has focused its efforts on acquiring property and building new schools. As our attendance has actually decreased by almost 500 students in the past 2 years, we must focus our attention on existing schools, namely our Irmo and Dutch Fork schools. Our current budget contains a 1.63% allowance for maintenance. This is not sufficient. Our budget must consist of a minimum of 2% for maintenance. Efforts must be focused on giving our older schools the TLC they badly need and are deserving of. Attendance at these schools will continually decline if they do not get the attention they need and deserve.


The foundation and the success over the decades for District Five has and will always be built on our teachers. As the pool of teachers has declined over the years, competition for their services has dramatically increased. District Five must make every effort to match or exceed the efforts being made by other districts in our state. Increases in pay and signing bonuses must be put on the table.


The question I am most frequently asked is would I vote to mandate masks and require vaccines. My answer is a simple No. I do not believe in mandates and could not in good conscious vote to require anything for everybody. While I have heard many differing opinions and understand and respect them, my stance is to stand with individual choice. You and your physician can make better decisions about your health than a school board member.


District Five is a diverse community in every aspect. There is a definite need for more and better communication throughout it. I feel each and every board member should visit each and every school to see how it operates, speak with the teachers, students and administration. It is vital that a board member understands each school before making decisions concerning it. The ability to communicate your understanding and be able to justify your vote is a must.

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Lexington-Richland School District Five is a billion dollar operation. It is important that school board members are well-rounded and experienced in many facets. Below is what differentiates me from the other candidates.

1. I have been a teacher in the classroom. From teaching 5th grade math at Busbee in Cayce to doing student related stints at Irmo High School to get my degree at USC, I know firsthand what it takes to be a teacher. I also know the issues teachers face with students and parents. 

2. I have 20 years of banking and finance experience. I was the Associate Director of Branch Operations for a $750 million dollar company. I was responsible for writing policies and procedures, as well as interpreting and revising current ones. Understanding this process makes navigating how business is done much easier. I learned how to cut through the red tape.  I was responsible for branch budgeting.  I also know how to read balance sheets, and formulate strategies to cut waste and maximize what we have to work with. This correlates directly with what our board does/should be doing.

3. I have been a member of 3 SICs and numerous volunteer projects within D5. One of the SICs won SIC of the year. That year, I was the chair of our Anti Bullying campaign. I have worked directly with the principals, teachers and students.  I have been involved in the schools for over 10 years and didn't just get involved when Covid started.  I am a candidate that brings more to the table besides 1 issue.

4. I have been in every school in this district, except Piney Woods. Whether as a student, teacher, parent or volunteer, I've witnessed firsthand each school in operation. It's easier to make decisions when you know what you're listening to or talking about.

5. I have a background in real estate. I understand easements, right of ways and the term "landlocked." The million plus dollar purchase of property on Mount Vernon Church Rd that can't have a school built on it would not have happened without my vocal objection and reasoning, had I been on the board. I also understand appraisals and property values. Some of the purchases made over the past decade were not diligently researched and negotiated to the fullest. In other words, we paid way too much. 

6. I am not asking for or accepting donations from current or former board members. I am a candidate that will not owe any favors. I do not have any endorsements from prior or current board members so I am not part of any agenda.  

7. I write my own ads and speak for myself. I do not have or rely on anyone to promote their words through me. My words are what I feel and what I stand for. I am always open minded and open for communication, regardless of the subject. I will not, not answer someone or simply delete a posted question because I don't like it or think it will cost me votes if someone does not like the answer.

8. I was a member of the RCSD CAT in region 4. Years ago, I and another member began pressing hard to get SROs in the schools. We were insistent on finding grants to make this happen. Within 2 years, you guessed it, we had SROs in the schools. I would like to say I helped play a role with this.

9. I am self employed and have very flexible hours. I will not miss meetings and will visit every school as regularly as possible. Decisions made on schools cannot all come via 2nd or 3rd hand information. My ability to make my own schedules allows this to happen.

10.  Most important is that I am a proud dad of a D5 high school student. She and her friends provide me with valuable feedback and input.

 I honestly believe what I bring to the table is more rounded and, simply put, much more. I am a person that believes in choice when it comes to masks and vaccines. I do not believe in mandates. I do not believe CRT has any business in our schools. I do not hide who I am or what I stand for.

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